Exploring the World of Balance Bikes: A Toddler’s First Steps to Cycling

Yep, it’s time. Your not-so-little baby is now walking and becoming more and more independently mobile. From 18-months to 4 years old your toddler is memorizing things, learning how to focus, developing cognitive skills, and exploring their world a little bit more each day. Balance bikes are great as a first bike for girl and boy riders as early as 1 ½ to 4 years old and you want a bike that advances as they learn each stage of riding.

What is a Balance Bike?

A balance bike in essence is just a shrunken version of a larger bike with no pedals. A miniature, lightweight frame with a variety of safety features like a low seatpost, comfy seats that adjust, steering limiters, exclusively designed for boys and girls ready to take their first ride. Your toddler will safely be able to continue to practice running, balancing and ultimately be ready for a “big bike” after learning the basics on their new balance bike. In comparison to a tricycle or training wheels, a balance bike offers more safety - it doesn’t tip over easily because it’s not as heavy and is less likely to get stuck in gravel and well, teaches balance! Bikes with training wheels and tricycles tend to offer a false sense of balance and control, that will still need to be learned after the extra wheels and junk are removed. A new balance bike for boy and girl toddlers will teach the key components of biking, controlling and steering the bike, stopping with their feet aka “Fred Flintstone power” without worrying to learn to pedal too!

What kind of Balance Bike?

So, here’s where all your research comes in. It’s for sure not a one-size-fits-all situation so consider features like the size, safety, and value for your new bike rider and for your household budget. Is it lightweight, does it meet safety standards for your state, will it last through your toddler’s training and still be perfect for an evening family cruise? Quality construction and durability will ensure it survives your child’s growing pains while learning to ride and be passed down for the next generation of new riders.

Check out Biky 12” Balance Bike

“Designed for the youngest cyclists. It’s the perfect start to toddler’s learning to maintain balance. Lightweight and safe, it introduces you child to the basics of cycling, focusing on developing balance and coordination.”

This starter kids bike features a lightweight aluminum frame that’s strong and specifically built for toddlers. It weighs in at 6.4 pounds, great for ages 1 ½ to 4 years because its height is 31-40 inches with an inseam perfect for 13-16 - inch riders.

(Yes, you have to measure. And yes, you need them! Check out “A Be-Spoke Ride)

Its low height seatpost ensures easy access for small riders. The Steering Limiter feature prevents sharp turns helping to avoid accidental tipping as they learn to navigate their new ride! Biky thought about all the little details such as smaller grips for smaller hands for better grip and control, leading to a safe, and enjoyable ride each time. This toddler model bike is equipped with a quick release seatpost clamp, which means tool-free adjustments no matter where you are with this gender universal bike. Lastly, the wheels were built to withstand everything your toddler throws at it – giving smoother rotation and reduced maintenance in aluminum rims with stainless steel spokes to help balance. The air-filled tires with reflective striped sidewalls increase your rider’s visibility and ensure their safety on the road.

Biky Bike 12” Balance bike will be there as your toddler progresses at the right pace – their pace. There’s no expected combination of what to do’s and how to do’s to make the bike work, just their little feet, grit, a little determination and a whole lotta fun. Sitting, pushing, gliding, whatever makes them happy - we hope they find the joy of riding on a Biky Bike!

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