Our Story

Welcome to Biky! We believe that a bike is more than just a way to get around. It's a magical key that opens the door to a world of adventures for children.

Our passion for creating bikes began with a simple wish: to bring the joy of biking to our own kids. We aimed to create bikes that were lightweight and comfortable, making it easy for kids to learn to ride and explore the world around them.

We're proud that our first collection of bikes quickly gained recognition for being lightweight, easy-to-ride, and affordable. Now, we're working on a new line of bikes to make the biking experience even more enjoyable and, most importantly, safer for children. One of our projects has been honored with iF Design Award, NY Design Awards, Red Dot Award, confirming that we're on the right track.

We invite you to join our journey with Biky and open up a world full of joy and new experiences for your children. Together, let's make childhood an unforgettable adventure!