IF Design 2024 - BIKY 12 NY Design Awards Biky 12 Gold Winner 2024

Balance Bike

The BIKY 12 is a new step in child mobility that combines safety and fun. Addressing the problem of bicycle theft and child safety in the US, it features built-in GPS for parents calm. Unlike traditional balance bikes, the BIKY brings joy with its magical spinning wheel and color-changing lights, and provides visibility in low-light conditions. The unique self-charging feature demonstrates our commitment to sustainability. The BIKY 12 is not just a balance bike, it is our vision of modern children's transportation where safety meets fun.

NY Design Awards Biky 16" Silver Winner 2024

Ultralight Bike

The Biky 16 is ideal for young riders transitioning from balance bikes to pedal bikes. It features a lightweight aluminum frame for easy access and comfort. With a steering limiter for safe turning and reliable brakes for secure stopping, it ensures a safe ride. The bike also boasts air-filled tires with safety stripes and a narrow design that enhances pedal efficiency. This makes riding both fun and safe for kids.