Should I prioritize the child's height or age, when choosing a BIKY?

Ideally, both. It's important to understand that children of different ages, even if they are the same height, have different proportions. 

What makes BIKY different from other children's bikes?

First of all, it is lightweight. Also, the BIKY is not a "scaled-down" adult bicycle, but is tailored for children. That's why it has a special frame geometry, a sensitive brake that children's fingers can handle, and a comfortable distance between the two pedals (Q-factor).

Why is the weight of a child's bicycle so important?

Weight is the most important aspect when learning to ride a two-wheeled bicycle and when using it everyday. BIKY 16" weighs 5.9kg against the 11kg of a standard 16" bicycle on the market, or even 5.5kg for a BIKY 14".

Why does the BIKY have ratcheting mechanism and can it be uninstalled?

You can't uninstall the ratchet, and that's actually a good thing! It serves a couple of handy purposes:
1. It helps save energy when you reach a certain speed, so you don't have to keep pedaling.
2. It allows you to pedal backward.

Does the BIKY need training wheels and can I install them myself?

We don't recommend using training wheels because they don't help your child learn how to keep balance and create a false sense of security. Furthermore, training wheels make the bike heavier. These facts make learning more difficult and time-consuming.

Why does BIKY cost so much?

We use custom high-quality aluminum alloy components, and our bikes are entirely manufactured in Russia. Every screw is meticulously chosen, and we consistently enhance and fine-tune each new bike. With BIKY, the price perfectly aligns with the exceptional quality.