A Be-Spoke Ride: Finding the Perfect Bike for Your Child

Like any good pair of shoes or their favorite shirt, a new bike rides well when it fits. There are so many factors to consider beyond the brand from your childhood or even the popular brands you recognize. Making the right choice based on wheel size, a child’s age and size, quality and longevity are just a few things to consider. Let’s not forget the style factor - it’s got to be the right color and it really matters if stickers cling too!

Have no fear, Biky Bikes has a wide selection of rides to choose from for first-time, timid riders who need to find their balance - to the experienced adventurer, who needs a new ride because just like shoes, bikes need to size up when they grow too.

Let’s get started!

First measure your child’s inseam. This will give you the length need to pick the right frame.

Tip - The 'Standing Height Minus Sitting Height' Method: Have your child stand back against a wall and measure their height. Then have them sit with their back against the wall and measure their seated height. Subtract one from the other to give your inseam measurement.

It may help to do a little in-store window shopping as you get closer to the final purchase step. Test out frames and fits by having your child sit in the saddle and take a look at their posture and feet.

First Balance Bike: Feet should be firmly on the ground with bent knees, this will be the only way they get around. Since there are no pedals, they will self-stabilize and balance themselves as they learn. Check out the Biky 12’, this type of bike allows a new rider to run free and coast and still stop the bike using their feet.

Tip: The seat of a balance bike should be set 0.5″ to 1.5″ below a child’s inseam.

First Pedal Bike: Their first “I’m a big kid” bike will be a memory to cherish forever. Between the ages of 4 and 6, your rider should be ready for this next step, and while continuing to build confidence, size and safety will be key.

For your child's first pedal bike like the Biky 12’, the seat should be the same as your child's inseam. As your child masters their bike, the bike seat should be between 2” to 4” inches higher than their inseam. Their feet should be planted firm on the ground with a slight bend to the knee for balance and support. A bigger, lightweight frame should accommodate a growing body, have a lower step-in frame and premium brakes.

Tip: The seat of a child’s first pedal bike should be set at the same height as the child’s inseam.

The Biky16’ is an easy-to-maneuver, rear-braking bike that will make zipping around the track a breeze and it’s also perfect for a neighborhood cruise with the family.

No matter the style or size of bike you’re shopping for, assembly should be easy with minimal components. No adjustments should be made to the braking system, alignment, or tires. It should generally be road ready in 20 minutes!

All Biky Bikes come with clear assembly instructions and the Biky 12’, Biky 14’, and Biky 16’ styles are equipped with a Steering Limiter. It’s a safety feature preventing the bike from turning too sharply. This helps in preventing accidental tipping over and builds confidence in young riders as they learn to ride on two wheels. This is just one of the many features offered from the Biky Brand Collection and ways to set up your child for many years of biking success.

Happy Shopping for wheels for your new road warrior!


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